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  For Wine Buyers
  Supplier Search:
We find you the right supplier for your specific needs. We have a range of grapes, wines and wine styles from different wine regions at competitive prices. It doesn´t matter what volume you are looking for, we can always find the proper supplier to match your requirements.
  Wine Design:
According to your needs, we craft with you specific tailor-made wine blends. Here we master our blending skills to your service. You define your wine style requirements, we prepare and dispatch samples for your style approval.
  Bulk Wine:
We find for you the wine you need. In bulk wines, we have millions of liters of different wines available to choose from.
  Bottled Wine:
We have a pool of wineries with their brands available in our portfolio, and we connect them to the right importer and/or distributor.
  Grape Juice Concentrate:
You can find with us all sorts of grape juice concentrate.
  Special Products:
We have a good assortment of special products; for example, Sparkling, Sweet, Kosher, Fair Trade and Organic.
  For Wine Sellers
  Importer/Distributor Search:
We find you the right importer/distributor for your specific needs.
  International Market Management:
We manage your international sales account, inside our brand portfolio.
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Bulk Wine
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Grape Juice Concentrate
Special Products
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International Market Management:

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Wine Cellaring and Winemaking Facilities
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Wine Cellaring and Winemaking Facilities


  Maipú 2119
Molina - Chile.
  Cell: 56 (9) 9000 7734
  Cell: (56-9) 9449 5784