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Interwine is an international wine business company, well respected as a major player in the Chilean wine industry. We make business with grapes, still wines, sparkling wines, sweet wines, alcohols, musts, as well as with wine cellars and vineyards. We also represent some local companies in the international market to find them importers and distributors.

We have built strong relationships with several wine companies through time. Our extensive network give us a vast range of wines and provide us with many winemaking facilities to develop domestic and international wine projects.

With up-to-date market information regarding players, volumes and prices, we understand the domestic and international wine market scenes and advice our clients to take the best business decisions.

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With hundreds of clients within the country, we allocate or search your wines and grapes in our domestic market, and offer or find cellaring space or winemaking services

  Introducing you quality wines, we finally get you the best wine suppliers for your company. if you are producer, we find you wine importers and distributors   Winemaking, Private Labels, Wine Evaluations and Appraisal, among others, all at your disposal.
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Wine Cellaring and Winemaking Facilities


  MaipĂș 2119
Molina - Chile.
  Cell: 56 (9) 9000 7734
  Cell: (56-9) 9449 5784